Know the location of people and assets in and around your facilities

Solve safety, productivity, and compliance challenges

Improve situational awareness with RTLS

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Flexible solution for commercial, health, education, and industrial settings

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Enhance safety and efficiency with our intuitive geofencing alerts and logging.

Get peace of mind by receiving instant notifications when specific workers or equipment enter or leave designated areas, ensuring they are where they need to be, exactly when they need to be there.

Streamline your operations with our automatic electronic time-in-zone logging.

Effortlessly verify contractor invoices and monitor time-on-tool and environmental exposure, ensuring accurate billing and compliance. Plus, enhance your equipment and tool utilization tracking for optimized resource management

Empower your workforce with our on-person help request button, providing an immediate lifeline in critical situations

Enhance worker safety with a one-tap distress signal, providing automatic alerts and accurate location tracking. Swiftly respond to emergencies with detailed event records. Customize alerts by worker or group for targeted safety measures and efficient response, while ensuring privacy

Monitor one thing or anything

Activate only what you need

Movement patterns
Absent for
Dwelling for
Door opening
Service logging
Indoor air quality
Airflow balance
Water leaks
HVAC health
Flexible database
Ticketing system
More …

An end-to-end solution for wireless RTLS, data collection and alerting

Adapting to new tools in busy
environments is hard

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Software designed for end-users that is simple to use and extremely flexible.

Latest technology

New long-range wireless sensors and mesh networks do not require wiring, dramatically reducing time and cost.

Easy installation

Cloud software is point-and-click, and battery-powered wireless sensors are installed quickly by non-technical staff.

Forever support

Our specialized and dedicated teams help with the setup, keep the system running smoothly, and are always available for quick, personal support.

Ultra high-capacity system

Reliable and secure environment to store your data in that can be accessed easily when you need it.

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5-star review
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5-star review

Discover the transformative advantages of IPS / RTLS using LoRaWAN and Mesh technologies