2021 review of indoor location and sensing technology

Safety promised.

Promise kept.

Together, we can keep our senior communities safe, comfortable, and efficient.

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Safety promised.

Promise kept.

Together, we can keep our senior communities safe, comfortable, and efficient.

Speak with our team

Imagine the benefits of knowing

When someone enters an at-risk areaIf someone needs helpIf an area becomes uncomfortable or unsafeWhere everything and everyone isIf a door/window was left openThere’s water on the floorYou can prove what was done

What if you could be everywhere?

Our service keeps track of everything important happening in your assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and long-term care facilities.  It does this by collecting data from small, inexpensive, battery-powered wireless devices stuck to walls, pieces of equipment, or carried discretely by residents or staff as a bracelet, badge, pendant, or slid into a shoe.

Remote monitorHelp callInstantly locate

The system keeps an eye on everything and everyone 24x7 and alerts on specific conditions so that staff can respond quickly to the situations with the greatest need.

Adapting to new tools in busy
environments is challenging.

 … or you could work with us.


We provide a refined product with modules to support different needs, including indoor location tracking, wander-management, mobile nurse-call buttons, state / condition / environment sensing, air quality monitoring, ticketing, and more.

Latest technology

New long-range sensors and mesh networks are much simpler than older systems, dramatically reducing installation and operational costs and no downtime.

Easy installation

Cloud software is point-and-click, and battery-powered wireless sensors are installed quickly by non-technical staff.

Forever support

Our specialized and dedicated teams help with the setup, keep the system running smoothly, and are always available for quick, personal support.

End-to-end solution for real-time location tracking of people/things, condition monitoring, wireless nurse-call, alerting, and ticketing.

Norada's innovative, all-in-one technology opens doors for operators to scale and deliver unprecedented value to all stakeholders across all facility types and will transform the way people look at your facility.

Pay as you go

The price is comparable to mainstream SaaS products.  Scale up or down as needed and pay only for what you use.

We offer FREE evaluation kits and consulting to demonstrate how our new technology is a practical solution to today’s recurring challenges.

Thousands trust our products

And highly recommended, even years later.

5-star review
5-star review
5-star review
5-star review
5-star review
5-star review

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AWS IoT for LoRaWan and MQTT
Wirepas for long-range high density
MachineQ for long-range, low density