Solve collects data from onsite sensors to monitor essential conditions, and applies analytics to detect outliers.

  • Detects HVAC units that are consuming excessive energy or are cycling too often
  • Monitors for the staging of mold conditions

As situations needing attention are detected, Solve automatically notifies users and creates a service ticket, including vital information to guide the response.

  • Eliminates the hazards of email or text alerts
  • Intelligently reduces erroneous alarms, ticketing only legitimate cases

View current and historical sensor data on at-a-glance charts and graphs.

  • Diagnose and fix problems faster
  • Quickly inspect site operating conditions trends by the hour, day, month

Organize portfolios, assets and vendors for quick reference, planning, and reporting.

  • Relate things together as they exist in the real world
  • Customize forms, tags and security to streamline data management

Our renowned CRM back-stop’s all service tickets with complete customer history.

  • Run monitoring, sales, support, service, and billing teams from one platform
  • Renowned integrations with QuickBooks, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Sheets, Microsoft, Xero, and online forms when you need them

Solve includes exceptional native apps for Apple and Android devices.

  • Equips staff to triage work remotely, reducing site visits
  • Keeps data centralized for quick access from anywhere